September Blog
September 1, 2020, 12:00 PM

Hallelujah!  May the peace of the Lord be with you.

Thank you for your understanding and prayers.  Because my wife came back from Korea, I am spending two weeks in quarantine.  My sons have had a happy time since their mother came home.  In addition, she arranged all the things that I couldn't arrange.  I felt like the genie of the magic lamp showed up, and everything found its place in the parsonage.  Those who knew the condition of the parsonage before it was organized will surely notice the difference.  In short, the warehouse has been changed to a sweet home.

I only thought I had to quarantine when my wife came home, but I didn't know how to prepare and went to the airport to pick her up.  The moment I brought my wife with me, I realized that I couldn't go grocery shopping anymore.  While I was organizing my house, I thought about how to buy the ingredients I needed for cooking, and I found out about the online ordering service and I was able to live the two-week quarantine thorugh a delivery service without going out to the store.  In addition, several church members left food for our family, so we were able to experience the blessings of enjoying the delicacies of our church members during the quarantine period.

Although I feel uncomfortable because of COVID-19, I am still thankful that I discovered precious love in quarantine.  I want our church families also to gain three spiritual benefits in this situation.

The first benefit is the discovery of grace.  If we admit that there are always problems, COVID-19 is one of them where we have recognized our vulnerability, the promise that God loves us in even greater.  Although COVID-19 has ruined our plan, I wish you to discover many blessings through your loving people.

The second is mature communication.  Since we are not meeting each other because of COVID-19, we expereince an unintentional isolation.  I've experienced it during quarantine, but I realized that it's time for communication.  Even if it is inconvenient and slow, we can communicate in various ways.  We can use our phones, emails, or letters.  As the Bible says, "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." (Matthew 4.4)  It is time for us to become messengers of God to each other, to deliver blessings and to sympathize with each other.

The third is recovery of the church community.  Personally, I felt uncomfortable because the two weeks of isolation seemed like a waste of time because my family was all healthy.  However, I thought that this period was a process to protect not only my own health but also the health of the church community from uncertainty, so I could never neglect it.  Not only should each person stay healthy, but also communicate to find the safest way, and restore a healthy and faithful community by supplementing the deficiences.

Therefore, we will start Worship in the Sanctuary on Sunday, September 13 @ 10:30 am.  Sanctuary Worship is the source of grace, the channel of communication, and the evidence of a communal recovery.  For this purpose, the Re-Entry Team has prepared safety procedures.  Please refer to the church's website and the video posted on the church's Facebook page to help restore safe and gracious worship.

In addition, please pray for our Charge Conference on Saturday, September 12.  The conference is to prepare for our ministry in 2021. The District Superintendent will preside the meeting and church leadership will attend.  Please pray for the conference to obey the will of God, who has entrusted this situation to us, and to plan for the upcoming year.

Lastly, I will hold a group meeting every week in September that was postponed due to my quarantine.  After each group meeting, I'll visit each family to greet them over the phone.  In addition, we will prepare intercessory meetings through Zoom on Wednesday morning and evening in October to strengthen our connections.  Although COVID-19 is still the main situation. please endure with me so that I can meet you all.

Pastor Taegyu Shin

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